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Interest Networks

Choose from a variety of interests
Special Interest Networks

Gather around shared interests and get great ideas while cultivating friendships with other like-minded business leaders. After all, some of the best insights are sparked in unexpected places.

Connecting Vistage members with a passion for golf - both as a sport and as a business tool.

Benefits of joining the Golf Network:

  • Request private course access and host other members in the Golf Exchange.
  • Play golf with fellow Vistage members when you travel for work or vacation.
  • Connect with Vistage peers while respecting our solicitation free environment.
  • Learn ways to improve your golf game and use golf as a resource for business.
Sports, Leisure and Wellness
Unifying member interests in recreation, leisure and sporting activities done for enjoyment, amusement, exercise, and fun.

Benefits of joining the Sports and Leisure Network:

  • Request advise on exercise best practices to maximize your workouts.
  • Connect with Vistage peers to share experiences done for enjoyment and fun.
  • Learn ways to improve your sports and leisure lifestyle.
Travel, Food and Wine
Connecting Vistage members looking to build relationships around a shared passion for travel, food and wine.

Benefits of joining the Travel, Food and Wine Network:

  • Gain exclusive access to industry leader content, renowned restaurants, sommeliers and travel opportunities through Network peers and partnerships.
  • Share recommendations for highly-rated food, wine and travel opportunities.
  • Connect with global Vistage members who share your passion for travel, food and wine while respecting our solicitation free environment.
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